Dr. Neal enjoys the beauty that he creates within both career choices.

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Duty Calls - Duty Triumphs

This is a two-part series of twice life-sized bronzes that honor the Mormon Battalion. The monuments were unveiled in 2010 in Salt Lake City, Utah.


In “Duty Triumphs,” the tattered and sick survivors can be seen as they arrived at San Luis Rey near San Diego on January 29th, 1847 during the war with Mexico. More than half of them had no shoes and wore rags for clothes. They helped make San Diego into a city, digging wells, making a brick factory and buldings. Half of them went to Los Angeles and built Fort Moore. After their discharge from the Army, many worked on John Sutter’s mill near Sacramento. This is where they discovered gold that began the California Gold Rush.


Monuments, sculptures and porcelain


Arts Inspiration

This is a symbolic treatise of how great art uplifts and refines the soul. Orpheus, identified by his flute, brings music to earth. The first 15 notes of “Ode to Joy” by Beethoven. a favorite of the artist, is cast into the rear of the monument. The Muses bring to earth the color of oil pigments to create glorious paintings, and music, holding a bow for the violin.  The fountain and monument are both located in front of the Vert Performing Arts Center and Library in Dr. Neal’s hometown of Pendleton, Oregon.



Esther Montanic

Recently shown in Pendleton, OR.

This is Neal’s Statue of Ester Motanic,

a collaboration done with Michael Hall.


John 10:16 Statue is in MTC in Provo, Utah